Blower Service


NOTE:  The service is offered on installations of 25 yards and more.

Benefits of the Mulch Blower Service:


  • Up to 25x faster than traditional methods
  • More efficient – often times saving on material costs
  • Even distribution of material
  • Can operate in almost any weather conditions
  • Smooth finished appearance, no raking necessary
  • Easy access to difficult areas
  • Hoses that can reach areas up to 250 away.
  • Will not disturb any existing landscape
  • Less clean up than traditional methods.

Details on the Various Applications:


Choose from our Premium Blend, Regular Bark, or Color Enhanced Mulches for a beautiful ground cover and natural weed barrier. Whether your project is 5 yards or 500 yards, we’ve got ya covered ;)

Planting Soils

No more wheelbarrows! Now we can blow soil into those hard to reach areas where only wheelbarrows have gone before. Build a planting mound, fill in a garden or put in a back lawn without lifting a finger.

Mud Control

Too muddy to work? Through the installation of our “Mud Dry”, we can increase your productivity by eliminating the problem entirely.

Playground Application

Our WoodRite Play Surface is a safe, clean and natural product used for playgrounds throughout Ohio. Perfect for daycares, schools or any type of playground area.

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