Our Premium Kiln Dried Firewood

Bugs love to use firewood as either shelter or food… YUK!! Hundreds of different kinds, such as ants, beetles and termites, can take up shelter in normal firewood. However, kiln drying wood kills the bugs and larvae dead! Hooray!!! Our proprietary kiln drying process eliminates insect infestation and has been certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture! Our Air-Dried firewood ROCKS too! It goes through the same stringent selection, harvesting and splitting process that our kiln-dried wood does. The only difference is the drying process. Our kiln-dried wood has a moisture content between 5% and 12%. Our air-dried wood’s moisture content is between 20% and 30%.

All of our firewood products are made from 100% natural hardwoods cut direct from the forest. We don’t use junk logs or scrap wood that landscapers or arborists drop off. We guarantee precise measurements and low water content for all our firewood.

All of our wood is cut to 16″ lengths so that it’s nice and easy to handle along with fitting nicely into all variety of wood-burners or fireplaces.

We meticulously screen each piece of our wood just before it’s delivered or stacked at your home to insure that all the small bits and pieces are removed. Additionally, almost ALL of our kiln-dried wood has been de-barked. This is just another measure taken so that you get wood that looks like it was inspected by Mr. Clean himself.

Our Kiln-dried wood is stored inside to insure it stays nice and dry. 

We don’t load our trucks in bulk… days in advance of your order. We take the time to load each of our customer’s orders just minutes before it leaves our warehouse on its way to your house.

The 1/4 Cord – For “The Occasional Burner”

So you’re not home all the time and you really don’t find the idea of wrestling with wood all that exciting… HOWEVER, you really love that smokey smell and the sound of that crackling fire every once in a while. This is the right amount of wood for you. You’ll surely burn right through this small quantity by the time the Daffodils pop-up!

The 1/3 Cord – For “The Romantics”

Who doesn’t love the coziness and warmth of having a real fire in winter? There’s nothing quite like snuggling up on your favorite couch with your significant other, a glass of red in one hand, the blizzard pounding your windows outside and ……your Golden Retriever, Charlie wedged between the two of you, hogging all the blankets.

Just the right amount of wood to fuel Saturday date night at home, all winter long.

Available for home or commercial delivery, and available for pick-up at Madden Bros Brunswick location.

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The ½ Cord – “The Original”

Perfect for the frequent fire lover, our ½ Cord is our most popular size of firewood. Every log has been uniformly cut to 16″ so that it’s easier to handle and fits comfortably into practically every fireplace and wood burning stove.

Available for home or commercial delivery, and available for pick-up at Madden Bros Brunswick location.

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