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Schedule to have one of our professionals perform a thorough sweep and inspection of your chimney to keep your family safe. Frequently, people don’t know exactly what the chimney specialists who visit their homes are actually doing, even though chimney sweeping is listed as the most important thing on the
CPSC Fire Safety Check List. We believe that it is important for you to be educated regarding the chimney sweeping process. Many people don’t think their chimneys need to be swept. For this reason, we perform a thorough chimney evaluation at no charge during your sweep. Madden Brothers uses the guidelines created by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) when we evaluate chimneys. Having your chimney evaluated can be vital for the health and safety of your loved ones. During a chimney evaluation, a chimney specialist may notice that you are at risk for a fire or for carbon monoxide poisoning. Either of these issues can be prevented if you catch them early.


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