Kiln Dried Firewood: 1/2 Cord


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PLEASE NOTE: We delivery to all cities within 150 miles of Cleveland, OH.

Our Kiln-dried Firewood is the BEST firewood you’ll ever burn… and we GUARANTEE IT!

Made from all native Ohioan trees, our company is the only provider of bulk kiln-dried firewood in the state. What’s that mean to you – glad you asked. Our Kiln-dried firewood has a moisture content less than 1/2 that of our Air-dried. This means it lights super easy and burns without having to work! Having a fire shouldn’t be a job!

Ta boot, the kiln drying process tends to eliminate all those pesky little critters that would love to get in your house to stay nice and warm this winter.

Our pieces are 16″ in length and are hand-loaded at the time your order is placed to ensure cleanliness. Your Kiln-dried firewood is also stored INSIDE to insure it stays super dry. Stacking services are available, but are not included in the price list below. If you are interested in having the wood stacked for you, be sure to mention it when placing your order.

For more information about our Kiln-Dried firewood, CLICK HERE.


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